Handheld qPCR Cycler F4X4
Multi-channel       Ultra-portablePowerful for health care.
  Handheld qPCR Cycler  F4x4
    Reaction Vessels 4×0.1ml
    Consumables PCR(0.1ml) tube: Single, Double or Quadruple
    Reaction Volume Range 20-100μl
    Thermal Profile Peltier Intelligent LQR Temperature Control Technology
    Temp Range 330-100℃(Resolution:0.01℃)
    Ramp Rates 6℃/s
    Temperature Accuracy ±0.05℃
    Temperature Uniformity ±0.01℃
    Excitation Sources High energy light emitting diode
    Detectors High energy light emitting diode
    Fluorescent Dye FFAM/SYBR Green,VIC/HEX/TET,ROX/Cy3.5,Cy5/LC Red640
    Detection Sensitivity 1 copy gene
    Analysis Function Quantitative/qualitative, melting curve, genotyping
    Panel Operation Color touch screen control, key control
    Communication Interface Wifi Bluetooth
    Data Memory Centralized database management, synchronization of server and local data
    Data Format pdf html
    Data Security Secure Encrypted Transmission, Private Custom Deployment
    Dimensions 250×120×90 mm (L × W × H)
    Weight 1000g
    Charger Port Type-C interface (65WPD fast charge protocol), 12V~24V UPA
    Battery Capacity Lithium battery 6000mAh, Standby 24hr, Usage 2-3 hours.
    Environment Temperature:10-30℃;Relative Humidity:20-70%
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